Monday, December 17, 2007

The Insight Journal: An Open Access, Dynamic Publishing Environment

The Insight Journal is an Open Access on-line publication covering the domain of medical image processing. The unique characteristics of the Insight Journal include:
  • Open-access to articles, data, code, and reviews : All submissions are available for free. The Insight Journal advances the idea that the results of scientific research should be made available to the public. Open access enables others to more fully understand the research and to more easily build upon the research. The field of medical image analysis will more rapidly advance.

  • Open peer-review that invites discussion between reviewers and authors: The review process is made public and performed online. Every reader is a reviewer and may post comments. Reviewers' comments are posted with the submissions. Authors may respond to reviewers' comments. Authors may submit revisions to the papers in response to reviewers' comments. [snip]

  • Emphasis on reproducible science via automated code compilation and testing: Code submitted to the IJ is verified by an automatic system. Authors are encouraged to post their papers along with the source code, the input data, and the expected output data needed to replicate the results presented in the paper. [snip]

  • Support for continuous revision of articles, code, and reviews: The IJ is a dynamic publication environment. All submissions can be continually reviewed, tested, revised, and extended. [snip]

  • The IJ is volunteer supported: We need your help in the form of submissions, reviews, and ideas! The IJ is a novel concept in the field of medical image analysis, and we need your time, intelligence, and insight to make it work.


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