Saturday, December 15, 2007

" ... The Times They Are A-Changin'"

In 2001, CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, in Geneva, Switzerland, served as the venue for the first Workshop on the Open Archives Initiative (OAI). Focused on OAI and 'Peer Review Journals in Europe', the purpose of this workshop was to

mobilise a group of European scientists and librarians who want to play an active role in organising a self-managed system for electronic scholarly communication as a means to address the serials crisis. Such a system should be compliant to the technical standards proposed by the Open Archives Initiative (OAI) [].


Two years after the workshop, a policy briefing of the European Science Foundation was published. The publication not only profiled the variety of issues relating to Open Access and the OAI, but also summarized the themes of the first OAI workshop, and the second held at CERN in mid-October 2002, as well. In addition, the briefing included consensus recommendations from each workshop. While the "participants [of the first workshop] were unanimous in their belief that the certification of scholarly work remains a fundamental part of a system for scholarly communication," they also "believed that the electronic environment allows for novel approaches to accord a stamp of quality to scholarly works." The suggested 'new metrics' that could be extracted from a fully electronic communication system include the discussion level generated by a paper submitted to a publication system with open peer review and peer commentary features; automated citation indexing beyond the standard Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) print-focused service; and access statistics.


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