Monday, April 21, 2008

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I have been invited to write a review of Open Peer Review initiatives[]

While I have written about various novel publication initiatives over the past several years, e.g.,

*E is for Everything: The Extra-Ordinary, Evolutionary [E-]Journal,* The Serials Librarian 41, nos. 3-4 (2002):293-321. Self-archived at

[] (accessed 21 April 2008).


and created blogs and prepared presentations devoted to Alternative Peer Review and "Scholarship 2.0" with profiles of a variety of efforts and publications that have focused on "traditional" Open Peer Review and other forms of "Disruptive Scholarship"




[] [Large File]

I wish to take a wider view of Open Review by Peers that includes current efforts, notably initiatives in which 'peers' assess the value and/or importance of an article/manuscript before and/or after 'formal' 'publication.'

I am particularly interested in projects such as

Economics: A Public Peer Reviewed e-Journal

Nature Network

PoLS One

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Bill Hooker said...

There might be something of interest to you under the relevant tag in my Simpy links.

Anonymous said...'s prepublication history is about as open as you can get: draft manuscripts, signed reviews, author responses, etc.