Thursday, June 5, 2008

Emerald InTouch

Emerald InTouch is a web space and hosting service designed to support learning and collaboration. By bringing together technologies such as blogs, wikis and RSS into one place, Emerald InTouch enables users to create and join communities of practice, engage in reflective learning and collaborate with peers online.


* Record personal and group reflections;
* Create and join online communities of practice;
* Engage in group discussions;;
* Create personal knowledge repositories or e-portfolios;
* Collaborate with fellow students online; Subscribe to RSS feeds;
* Share multimedia files.


* Secure environment for learning and reflection;
* Student-centered not course-led;
* Communities can capture and retain shared knowledge/learning;
* Reduces isolation for distance learners;
* Hosted service frees up institutional IT resources;
* Comprehensive access controls - content can be as private or as public as you wish;
* Provides opportunity for institutions to maintain links with former students or connect with future students.

How is Emerald InTouch currently being used?

* To support distance learning courses at a leading academic institution - students record personal and group reflections on their blogs, assess each other's work by uploading multi-media files, use InTouch as a space to meet and get to know each other prior to the first face-to-face lesson;

* To reduce graduate isolation and support executive MBA courses at a major multi-national firm- employees share ideas and application of theory in between face-to-face training sessions, graduates are encouraged to network with each other despite being based in different offices around the world.


User Manual

* Your Profile
* Your Blog
* Your Files
* Your Network
* Account Settings


InTouch Features

* Tagging
* Syndication
* Podcasting
* Communities
* External Services



These movies offer a quick over of how to complete a particular activity.

* Add a personal wiki page
* Adding friends to your friends list
* Create a folder and upload a file
* Create a new community
* Edit community profileSearching
* Subscribe to new RSS Feed
* Upload icons
* Your blog archive and categories


White Pages / Emerald InTouch Member Directory


Emerald InTouch is Elgg Powered



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Sheila Webber said...

My only problem with this is that it is an **Emerald** initiative ;-)

Kate said...

While this site has potential, has anyone else noted that several of the main links are incorrect? Some just take the user back to the home page or reload the existing page. Also, it seems much of the content is from Emerald, rather than users.

RagPark said...

Always happy to receive feedback about the InTouch site!

I designed and developed the InTouch platform and I'm always looking for ways to improve the site, it's tools and the ways in which peope can contribute content of their own.

InTouch is Emerald's first venture into social platforms and it's been a learning curve.

The new InTouch is currently in beta, see it here until it is adopted by the main site.

Although I don't want to make a product pitch here I do hope thatyou find it easier and more intuitive than the earlier version - make it really personal through the widgets feature. Also, content can be added by anyone via email, SMS, Livewriter, Qumana or any 3rd party blogging tool. SMS alerts and email notifications mean you are always kept in the loop when you're not able to participate in your learning communities.

These social tools are just one step as we kind of inch toward some kind of Scholarship/Research 2.0 world - it ain't perfect but seriously, all feedback gratefully received - particularly as I'm in beta right now ;-)