Monday, June 9, 2008

Text~Touch(sm): Haptic Highlighting/Rating of Text


Not Only Is The World Not Black&White, It Is Not Just A Carousel of Color

Humans Are MultiModal Creatures With MultiModal Minds

Here Within I Propose The Development and Implementation of Technology That Would Allow Authors/Readers to Highlight Text With Varying Degrees of Texture.

Wikipedia: Texture refers to the properties held and sensations caused by the external surface of objects received through the sense of


Using Other/Related Haptic Technology Readers Would be Able To Feel The Range of Textures Layered Over The Text Within A Corpus.

Such Texture Could Be Used to Denote Another Dimension Of The Text OR Denote Relative Importance.


THINK That This Is FarFetched? Not Really.

A Decade Ago I Began to Explore Haptic Interaction in Web and non-Web Databases

The Magic Touch(sm) []


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