Saturday, July 26, 2008

Launch of "Student As Scholar" Blog

The "Student As Scholar" blog was formally created on July 25 2008. The Blog is devoted to documenting relevant literature that supports the view that :

"Undergraduate education should adopt the “Student as Scholar” Model throughout the curriculum, where scholar is conceived in terms of an attitude, an intellectual posture, and a frame of mind derived from the best traditions of an engaged liberal arts education. With this framework, not only each research project, but also each course, is viewed as an integrated, and integrating, part of the student experience."

"From Convocation to Capstone: Developing the Student as Scholar"

David Hodge, Kira Pasquesi, Marissa Hirsh / Miami University ; Paul LePore / University of Washington


The "Student As Scholar" Blog Is Located At


It is a companion to the Facebook Global Group "Student As Scholar / Scholar As Scholar" which is intended to serve as a forum and venue in which members are invited to contribute to a never-ending conversation about "Student As Scholar" models and to document personal experiences and institutional initiatives.

The "Student As Scholar / Scholar As Scholar" Facebook Group is Available at


Please contribute citations/links to Any and All Relevant Literature As Comments on this blog.



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