Sunday, April 26, 2009

Twitter Science / Publication / Conferences ?


I Am Greatly Interested In Learning Of Any / All Formal (or Informal) Initiatives That Have Incorporated Twitter (Or Similiar Mobile Features And / Or Functionality) Within Science (And / Or Technology) Projects, Publications And / Or Conferences.

The Question Of The Day Is ...

To What Extent Has Mobile-Originated Content Been Formally And / Or InFormally Incorporated Into Conventional Scientific / Technological / Medical (STM) Activities / Practices / Venues.

Please Post Any / All Items Or Comments

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Jim Jansen said...

Jansen, B. J., Zhang, M, Sobel, K, and Chowdury, A (2009) Micro-blogging as Online Word of Mouth Branding. ACM Conference on Computer Human Interaction (CHI2009). ). p. 3859-3864. Boston, Massachusetts. 4 - 9 April.


Nick said...

WHY? Why would science ever NEED twittering? That's not how science WORKS.

Probably some people note down scientific ideas in their smart phones and maybe the especially keen and computer-apt have rigged up systems to notify them via txt message when an experiment completes or something, but science as a whole doesn't fit into a 2 inch screen.

So just no no no no no no no.

João Mattar said...

We are using Twitter in the 7 SENAED - Seminário Nacional ABED de Educação a Distância, or Brazilian Seminar on Distance Education, organized by the Brazilian Distance Education Association. The Seminar will be online, from May 23 to 31, so for a while we are using it as a source of information, although only today people will be officially informed about it. From May 23 to 31, one or two presenters will be using Twitter to debate some subjects with the followers, besides it being used to announce upcoming activities during the event.

Audrey said...

A couple of months ago Henry Ford Hospital used Twitter in the OR. Here is a link to the article.

Anonymous said...

E-Learning Consortium of Colorado used the hashtag #elcc to tweet their recent conference.

We placed table tents at registration and on the dining tables to let people know about it.

Cheers, Alice
Alice Bedard-Voorhees
Office of Innovations for Teaching and Learning
Colorado Mountain College

Harrison Carpenter said...

I can't offer you any sources, but I'll be very interested in seeing what you find.

Mark said...

Our (Oncology Nursing Society) annual Congress begins this week (over 3,500 attendees), and we are using CrowdVine and Twitter for a variety of purposes...below is a related tweet:

#ONS_Congress Pivotal data for chemo and biologics to treat MBC! ONS Satellite Symposium, 5/1, lunch program, Marriott Rivercenter! Join Us 3:16 PM Apr 22nd from web

Dr Shock MD said...

look at my blog and search for twitter you will find information not only for medical education and physicians but also science and presentations,
Kind regards Dr shock

clib said...

Here's an article related to the use social networkings, blogs, etc. in tracing the swine flu outbreak. The application has some interested potential for the medical field

Peter West said...

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