Friday, May 8, 2009 An Eclectic/Semantic/Innovative Journal

On the [New England Journal Of Medicine] beta site, we pursue new ideas in publishing and showcase innovative ways to present information for use in medical education, research, and clinical practice.


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Drag and Drop Images to Create a PowerPoint Slideshow
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Audio Interview Feed With Article PDF
The NEJM Audio Interview podcast feed now features downloadable PDFs of each article

New Search Interface And Engine
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1. What is the NEJM beta Web site? is the place to see the ideas for new features that are brewing at the New England Journal of Medicine Online. On the beta site we will be experimenting with presentations of articles, images, audio, and video.

2. Why did NEJM start the beta site?
We are always coming up with new features to try that might not be ready for prime time at NEJM Online. Putting our new ideas onto will let us see which ones meet a need and which don’t.

3. What can I do on beta?
Check out what we are working on in the lab and see what has recently made it to Polls and surveys are available so you can tell us what you like (and what you don’t like). Please come back frequently to find out what is new.

4. What will happen to these experiments over time?

We read and evaluate all comments received and try to use them to further improve our beta projects. Eventually, some of the new features will be judged ready to debut on [snip]


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