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From Publishing to Knowledge Networks: Reinventing Online Knowledge Infrastructures

Alexander Hars / Berlin: Springer/ 2003 / ISBN 3-540-01250-8 / $US 104

Today’s publishing infrastructure is rapidly changing. As electronic journals, digital libraries, collaboratories, logic servers, and other knowledge infrastructures emerge on the internet, the key aspects of this transformation need to be identified. Here, the author details the implications that this transformation is having on the creation, dissemination and organization of academic knowledge.

The author shows that many established publishing principles need to be given up in order to facilitate this transformation. The text provides valuable insights for knowledge managers, designers of internet-based knowledge infrastructures, and professionals in the publishing industry. Researchers will find the scenarios and implications for research processes stimulating and thought-provoking.


Content Overview

1. Leveraging information technology for science 1
1.1. Motivation 1
1.2. Analytical focus 5
1.3. Objectives 7
1.4. Approach 7
2. Characteristics of scientific knowledge infrastructures 9
2.1. Theoretical analysis 10
2.2. Empirical analysis: Emerging knowledge infrastructures 34
2.3. Visions of scientific knowledge infrastructures 55
2.4. Synthesis 57
3. Structure of scientific knowledge 83
3.1. Objectives 83
3.2. Theoretical foundations 87
3.3. Object-oriented model of scientific knowledge 102
3.4. Elements of scientific knowledge 124
4. Implications 187
4.1. Feasibility: IS Cybrarium 187
4.2. Conclusion 196

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