Saturday, September 5, 2009

Podcast > Open Access And The Future Of Scholarly Communication

Open Access and the Future of Scholarly Communication: Dissemination, Prestige, and Impact

14 August 2009 / Dr David Prosser Director, SPARC Europe

The internet is having a profound impact on the 300-year-old model of scholarly communication. New technologies allow for new modes of interaction between researchers, and a wider audience of administrators, funders, governments and the general public. The lines between formal and informal communication are becoming increasingly blurred and publishers and librarians find themselves playing new roles in the scholarly communication chain.

One of the most powerful new ideas to emerge with the development of the internet is open access - the notion that the scholarly research literature should be made available to readers free of charge. This presentation described current developments within the scholarly communications landscape and provides an indicator of possible future directions.

This lecture was part of ... [The Austrailian National University] ANU Public Lecture Series 2009, presented by ANU Division of Information and the National Library of Australia.

Lecture Recording (MP3, 56.2MB) [01:01:24]


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