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PostRank™ is a scoring system developed by AideRSS to rank any kind of online content, such as RSS feed items, blog posts, articles, or news stories. PostRank is based on social engagement, which refers to how interesting or relevant people have found an item or category to be.

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Examples of engagement include writing a blog post in response to someone else, bookmarking an article, leaving a comment on a blog, or clicking a link to read a news item.

PostRank measures engagement by analyzing the types and frequency of an audience's interaction with online content. An item's PostRank score represents how interesting and relevant people have found it to be. The more interesting or relevant an item is, the more work they will do to share or respond to that item so interactions that require more effort are weighted higher.

PostRank scoring is based on analysis of the "5 Cs" of engagement: creating, critiquing, chatting, collecting, and clicking. By collecting interaction engagement_metrics in these categories the overall engagement score is calculated and the PostRank value is determined.

The 5 Cs of Engagement

  • Creating
    The strongest form of engagement is demonstrated by using an item as inspiration to create your own, for example, writing your own blog post that responds to or refutes someone else's blog post. Creation requires the most thought and investment of time, actively generates conversation, and therefore indicates the highest level of engagement.

  • Critiquing
    Reading a blog post and then leaving a comment requires an investment of time, thought and effort (or sometimes just typing and name-calling...), and is a form of conversation. However, it requires less effort than writing a whole blog post. So while it is an important action, it does not indicate as much engagement as Creating.
  • Chatting
    Sharing and discussing information can often be started with one click, so it doesn't require a major investment of effort. However, a desire to share is a strong indication of relevance, and the act of sharing and its ensuing discussion are acts of conversation. Use of social media applications like
    Twitter encourage both the sharing of information and the resulting conversations. As a result, social media "chatting" indicates a good level of engagement.
  • Collecting
    Bookmarking or submitting items to social sites also tend to be "one-click" actions. They are intentional acts of archiving and sharing, but don't require much time or effort. However, the sharing that occurs often sparks conversations, so Collecting does demonstrate some engagement.

  • Clicking
    Activities like clicks and page views indicate lower engagement because they're passive interactions. Clicking a link to read a blog post doesn't require much work, and you're not giving anything back except your reading time. It is an intentional act, however, and thus indicates a mild level of interest and engagement. Which may grow after the item is read.


Engagement Sources We Track

Engagement sources evolve as new and interesting ways of interacting with with online content evolves. Here are several examples of engagement data sources that are included in PostRank:

  • Views - Real-time > Pageviews within RSS readers and via PostRank widgets

  • Clicks - Real-time > Clicks within RSS readers and via PostRank widgets

  • Comments - Periodic updates > The number of comments on the item

  • Google Trackbacks - Periodic updates > The number of links to the item from other websites

  • FriendFeed - Real-time >The number of comments and likes on the item

  • Digg - Real-time > The number of diggs, and comments on the item

  • Reddit - Real-time > The number of comments and votes (up and down) on the item

  • Tumblr - Real-time > The number of Tumblr mentions

  • - Real-time > The number of bookmarks saved

  • Ma.gnolia - Real-time > The number of bookmarks saved

  • Diigo - Real-time > The number of bookmarks saved

  • Furl - Real-time > The number of bookmarks saved

  • Twitter - Real-time > The number of Twitter mentions

  • Jaiku - Real-time > The number of Jaiku mentions

  • - Real-time > The number of mentions

  • Brightkite - Real-time > The number of Brightkite mentions

  • Twit Army - Real-timec > The number of Twit Army mentions

  • Blip - Real-time > The number of Blip mentions

  • Feecle - Real-time > The number of Feecle mentions

  • MexicoDiario - Real-time > The number of MexicoDiario mentions





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