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UK RepositoryNet+

About RepositoryNet+



UK RepositoryNet+ (RepNet) is a socio-technical infrastructure supporting deposit, curation & exposure of Open Access research literature.  [snip]. ... [Its] general approach is to envision a mix of distributed and centrally delivered service components within pro-active management, operation, support and outcome. While this infrastructure will be designed to meet the needs of UK research, it is set and must operate effectively within a global context.

Open Access

An entry in Wikipedia defines Open Access (OA) to research literature as the practice of providing unrestricted access via the Internet to peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles and increasingly to theses, scholarly monographs and book chapters. It also notes that OA comes in two degrees: Gratis OA, no-cost online access; Libre OA, being Gratis OA plus some additional usage rights. [snip].

There are various forms of mixed and hybrid Open Access (OA), but the main distinction is between Green and Gold. [snip].


The aim of the RepNet project is to increase the cost effectiveness of repositories ... by offering a sustained and well-used suite of services that facilitate cost effective operation.  Specifically RepNet will:

  • Scope and deliver repository and curation services via a production environment that offers economies of scale and scope
  • Set up a production environment for repository shared services which works closely with the proposed innovation zone.
  • Provide market research/ intelligence, quality assurance, business case and sustainability planning to support the project.


As an infrastructure hub, RepNet will facilitate efficient service delivery and service support, e.g. through provision of a professional helpdesk, development of appropriate service level definitions against which service levels can be monitored, and liaison around the scope and need for improvement of service components.


Sustainability planning is a key outcome, operating at several levels. Institutional support of repositories ultimately requires that they meet institutional objectives ... . The central task for RepNet is to provide sustainable infrastructure with service-quality components that assist cost-effective ingest, quality improvement and continuity of access for repository content.

First steps and priorities

First steps in this project have been development of technical infrastructure and of a suite of shared services.  The project sought to fund integration of components that were production ready or close to it and were already in use by the community.  [snip]. In the second ‘wave’ more attention will be given to scoping the curation requirements – and identifying or specifying the components required to meet those requirements.


The RepNet Project Board meets monthly, and the Advisory Board meets on a quarterly basis. The Repnet team meet monthly, with minutes and notes from all meetings posted on the project wiki. Regular and ad hoc meetings of the SIPG group are also minuted and published on the project wiki.


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