Friday, November 16, 2012

Automated Deposit of Researcher Publications Into Repositories ?


Are you aware of any effort in which metadata and the full text (and/or link) of e-journal articles (and/or other digital publications) are automatically harvested and "deposited" within a local *institutional* (and/or subject) repository ?

It has occurred to me that the automation of publication deposition could quickly populate such repositories.

As a number of publishers allow for deposit of a post-print

the question of copyright could / might / should / would not be an issue [?]

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Gerry McKiernan said...

There isn't a way to do this completely automatically, but there are tools that automate much of the work. I wrote a script for Google Docs that automates the lookup of publisher copyright policies in Sherpa/Romeo.

Here is a Youtube video where I demonstrate an early version of the script -

The full code is available here -

If you can get a list of all your faculty publications, perhaps from an author affiliation search in Scopus/Web of Knowledge, into a Google spreadsheet, then this script will help you determine which articles permit you to upload the publisher PDF to a repository. There are some exceptions, so you still need to double check everything, but it's far faster than looking up journal policies one by one.

As far as batch loading faculty article metadata into DSpace, Catalina Oyler, formally of the Five Colleges of Ohio, wrote an XSLT transformation script that converts a Refworks XML export into Dublin Core.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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William Gunn said...

Hi Gerry, at Mendeley we are involved in one such effort. Here's the blurb from JISC: "This project will seek to embed institutional deposit into the academic workflow of the researcher at almost no cost to the researcher. We will work with Mendeley and Symplectic to allow researchers to synchronise their personal research collections with institutional systems at no extra effort. We expect to significantly increase deposit rates as a result."

You can read more about it here:
Implementation details are here:

Gerry McKiernan said...


Ingest of research digital assets and metadata must be actively pursued and monitored using automatic and manual methods.

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