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altmetrics12 > An ACM Web Science Conference 2012 Workshop

Evanston, IL • 21 June 2012

Keynotes (9:00-10:00)

  • Johann Bollen
  • Gregg Gordon
Coffee break (10:00-10:30)

Paper presentations (10:30-01:00)

Position and theory papers, 10min each (10:30-11:30)

  • Martin Fenner / Altmetrics will be taken personally at PLoS (presentation)
  • William Gunn and Jan Reichelt / Social metrics for research: quantity and quality (presentation)
  • Elizabeth Iorns / Reproducibility: an important altmetric
  • Britt Holbrook / Peer review, altmetrics, and ex ante broader impacts assessment – a proposal
  • Kelli Barr / The Role of altmetrics and Peer Review in the Democratization of Knowledge (chalkboard notes)

Empirical papers, 15min each (11:30-1:00)

  • Judit Bar-Ilan / JASIST@mendeley
  • Jasleen Kaur and Johan BollenStructural Patterns in Online Usage (presentation)
  • Vincent Larivière, Benoit Macaluso, Staša Milojević, Cassidy R. Sugimoto and Mike Thelwall / Of caterpillars and butterflies: the life and afterlife of an arXiv e-print
  • Jason Priem, Heather Piwowar and Bradley Hemminger / Altmetrics in the Wild: Using Social Media to Explore Scholarly Impact (presentation)
  • Jennifer Lin / A Case Study in Anti-Gaming Mechanisms for Altmetrics: PLoS ALMs and DataTrust (presentation)
  • Richard Price / Altmetrics and
Lunches on your own (1:00-2:00p)

Demos (2:00-3:00p)

  • total-impact (Heather Piwowar)
  • (Euan Adie) (presentation)
  • PLoS ALM (Martin Fenner)
  • Ubiquity Press metrics (Brian Hole)
  • Plum Analytics (Andrea Michalek)
  • BioMed Central metrics (Ciaran O’Neill)
  • (Richard Price)
  • Knode (David Steinberg)
  • CASRAI (David Baker)
  • Mendeley and ReaderMeter (William Gunn)
  • (Richard Price)
Group discussion (3:00-4:30p)

We’ll split into small groups to discuss key altmetrics issues; topics may include:

  • Gaming: how might it happen, and how do we stop it?
  • Standards: We’ve got COUNTER for downloads; should there be standards for other altmetrics? What should they look like?
  • Visualization: There’s a lot of data. How should we display it?
  • Peer review: Could altmetrics replace traditional peer review? Should it? Can we build new publishing models around altmetrics?
  • CVs and “impact dashboards”: What does an altmetrics-informed CV look like? Who wants (and doesn’t want) one?
  • Publishers: What do publishers want from altmetrics services? How about readers and authors?
  • Normalization: How do we compare metrics from different fields or disciplines?
Group presentations and discussion (4:30-5:30p)

Summing up (5:30-6:00p)

Conclusion (Summarize key points from live and online discussion)

Open discussion: what’s the next year of altmetrics look like?


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