Monday, November 25, 2013

Altmetric Pilots Help Elsevier Authors Understand the Impact of Their Articles

The colorful donut indicating impact in news and social media is now featured on various journal homepages and ScienceDirect

By Linda Willems | Posted on 25 November 2013

Almetric pilot for Journal of Experimental Social Psychology

The academic community has traditionally looked to citation analysis to measure the impact of scientific and medical research. But with journal articles increasingly disseminated via online news and social media channels, new measures are coming to the fore.

Alternative metrics – or altmetrics – represent one of the innovative ways the reach of articles is now being assessed, and Elsevier has just launched two pilots featuring the highly-recognizable altmetric "donut."

 Almetric pilot for Journal of Experimental Social PsychologyAlmetric pilot for Journal of Experimental Social Psychology The first pilot will feature donuts for a journal's top three rated articles displayed on the homepages of 33 Elsevier titles.

This rating is based on a social media traffic score given by; an article must have received at least one social media mention within the last six months to qualify. By clicking on the "view all" option beneath this list, visitors can review altmetric donuts for the top 10 articles.

An example of the pilot altmetric pod on the homepage of the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.


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